G Litter vom Wenner Haus
Puppies Born: January 21st, 2022
5 boys and 4 girls

H Litter vom Wenner Haus
Puppies Born:


idoll stacked

Arya stack 

V Idoll z Jirkova Dvora Kkl1 BH IPO3 IGP3 ZVV2 TKN CGC
Hips 0/0, Elbows 1/1, DM Clear

OFA Hips Fair, "a" fast normal" Elbows Normal CERF Cardiac DM Clear Coat Clear MDR1 N/N Carries Black

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Below is Detailed Information on the Parents and Pedigree!

idoll head bevelIdoll was imported from Czech Republic and was a former stud dog of Jinopo Kennels. Jinopo kennels described him as, "Idoll is lively dog with lot of energy and gorgeous body conformation. His black sable color is unrivaled. Idoll is best suitable for demanding trainer who wants a dog with potential to compete at WUSV World Championship. "

Idoll is now owned by Sarah Vogel in Kentucky.  She describes him, "He is environmentally sound- neutral to gunshots, lawnmower, fireworks, vacuum, etc. He is confident in new places, small areas, on slippery surfaces and neutral to other dogs, livestock, and nonthreatening strangers. He is an independent dog and will do his own thing when out with the other dogs. He loves laying in the pool and carrying a toy around. When i call him to me for attention he leans his whole body against me and will happily roll around on the ground for belly rubs. He has high food and prey drive. He'd chase a ball till he dropped over dead. He has high possession with a toy but lets me freely take it. He has a goofy, playful side with my females. He is a calm, yet dominant male and has a presence about him. He is protective of his territory but clear headed and sees when someone is not a threat. He loves to train and excitedly jumps and barks to engage me. When working he is focused and serious. His obedience is nice and accurate. Tracking is methodical and he reliably indicates articles and follows through corners. He hits very hard in bitework with full grips. Idoll obtained his IPO3 at 2 years 4 months old. He has a nice off switch and easily settles in his crate. He is very gentle with my 2 year old daughter and lays on his back next to her and lets her pet him. He has a big male head and thick chest. His gait, structure, and expression are beautiful. I'm really pleased with him. He carries for black and long coat.

idoll childYes when i say neutral he is completely neutral. He does not care if someone pets him. When people come to breed their females i always bring him out for them to meet him, pet him, take photos whatever. As for dogs, a strange dog that is not aggressive or dominant, Idoll will not react.  He does not even try to show dominant body language with females. He just has a goofy happy go lucky side for the ladies even when they are not in heat. Ii see no flaws in his health or temperament and he is always eager to work for me. I am very pleased with him"

Jinopo Kennels also comment on his pedigree: "Idoll belongs from his sire's side (Ibon Jipo-Me) to the 2nd bloodline namely to the world renowned working branch founded by Fero vom Zeuterner Himmelreich. From his dam's side (zuza z Jirkova dvora) he belongs to the 4th bloodline namely to the branch best known in Czech Republic by representation of Gero z Blatenskeho zamku, Xac z PS, Reno Jipo-Me, Ox z Jirkova dvora.
Xant z Jirkova dvora is represented in his pedigree twice and Dargo Ha-Ja-Da three times. Idoll is an improved version of Dargo as far as body conformation and mainly color. From Dargo he inherited medium size which is ideal for sport type of dog. He also inherited huge willingness to work.
His drives are high, his temperament and willingness to work are very high. Exactly as was case with Dargo.
From bloodlines point of view Idoll is purely Czech dog. In his 3 generations of ancestors there are all dogs that were bred in the Czech Republic.
We expect Idoll to produce not only his type an color but also his excellent temperament." 

Idoll's Sire, Ibon:
SG Ibon Jipo-me BH, IPO3, ZVV1, ZPO1

IBON belongs to the 2nd bloodline from his sire's (KERY Kamos Durabo) side and he belongs namely to the branch that was founded by FERO v. Zeuterner Himmelreich. From his dam's (MASA Jipo Me) side he carries very significant working blood of 3rd bloodline through the following dogs GRIM z Pohraničné stráže, DARGO Ha-Ja-Da and XANT z Jirkova dvora. IBON is a product of inline breeding 4:5:5 on GRIM z Pohraniční stráže. Among his significant ancestors within the 4 generations of his pedigree belong Slovak Champion and 5* World Championship contestant NORBO Ben-Ju, 2* Czech Republic contestant BARO v. Kuhlen Norden, FCI World Championship contestant SIRK v. Belchen

IBON is large according to the standard with tons of energy. He is willing to do any work with his handler. IBON is a dog with clear head but at the same time with very high prey and defense drives. These two drives are 50/50 mutually balanced. IBON has also great social behavior. From his father he inherited on/off effect and therefore he's able to rest and get activated for the top performance immediately. From his mother's side ancestors he inherited the ability of concentrated focus while tracking. From DARGO Ha-Ja-Da he inherited absolutely fast, strong and exact protection including final guarding.

We still continue the training of IBON and we plan to compete with him on National level.

Ibon can be used everywhere where there is a need to improve working drives of the progeny, to improve energy level and hardness necessary for protection. He is also suitable to be used everywhere where there is need to improve the color of the pigmentation
and overall health."

More photos of Ibon Below.

Idoll's Dam, Zuza:
V Zuza z Jirkova Dvora ZVV1 CGC

"ZUZA is correctly large and strong female with black sable pigmentation. From her sire's side (OX z Jirkova dvora) she belongs to the 4th blood line namely to the very well known branch of GERO z
Blatenskeho zamku, XAC z Pohranicni straze and RENO Jipo Me. From her dam's side (LEA z Jirkova dvora) she belongs to the 3rd bloodline namely tot he world renown branch via GRIM z Pohranicni straze, DARGO Ha-Ja-Da, XANT z Jirkova dvora.
Among other significant dogs in her pedigree are MAMBO z Pohranicni straze, JUP z Jirkova dvora and NORBO Ben-Ju.
These ancestors patricipated in creation of ZUZA's temperament. ZUZA is independent female with good ball drive and very strong protection. She also likes to track and she loves obedience based on ball.
We expect that ZUZA will pass her type, color, health and temperament onto her progeny at JINOPO breeding program."

More photos of Zuza below.
arya gait
arya headArya is a beautiful, rich colored,  black sable female. She is smaller weighing about 59# but still a powerhouse. She LOVES to work and do anything as long as it is with me. She has a great temperament and is super funny and cuddly but protective, so a very balanced dog. She is very athletic and very active. Like all my dogs she competes in everything that I am able to do with her and she is also in training to take her mom's place as my service dog when she is no longer able..

Kantor, Arya's sire, is best described by his owner, Melinda Clark with vom Gildaf GSD, "Kantor is our full DDR black sable import. He is backed by an excellent pedigree, excellent structure, drive and temperament. He is social and outgoing, yet very protective by nature. Kantor has some of the all time great DDR (East) dogs in his pedigree. He is sired by Ron v. Ludwigseck and his Dam is Bea vom Klödener Riß. Other notable greats in Kantor's pedigree include Sando v. Haus Iris, Sven v. Grafental, Don v. Haus Iris and Tino vom Felsenschloß. We would like to thank Jürgen Müller at vom Beerenhof in Germany for this exceptional male. And many thanks to Claudia Beer for loving and training Kantor through his SchH1 title."


Linea, Arya's mother, is a beautiful bi color female with rich pigment and is the granddaughter of our male, Jaryn "Logan" von der Dornburg. She is clear headed and has an amazing personality and temperament; she gets along with everyone she meets whether they have 2 legs or 4. Linea is very athletic and built to work just like grandfather and very eager to learn and please. She is a powerhouse when it comes to nosework!  She is happy worker and loves working with me no matter what it is.  She loves to jump and does so with ease. Linea, like all my dogs, competes in a wide variety of venues including: Schutzhund, AKC/UKC obedience and rally, conformation, weight pulling, herding, nosework, Barnhunt, lure cursing and whatever else we can find. She was earned the High In Trial at the 2015 German Shepherd Dog Club of America.. Plus she is a working Therapy Dog.
She is the total package.

UKC Grand Champion
UKC Best of Breed x7
UKC Group 3 x2
UKC Group 4 x2
IABCA Best of Breed x3
IABCA Group 3
High In Trial (AKC) x5
High Combined In Rally (AKC) x 18
Highest Triple Score in Rally (AKC) x 10
High in Trial Rally (UKC)
High in Class Barnhunt Novice (BHA)
2013 #10 Nationally in Beginner Novice GSDCA
2015 GSDCA National High in Trial
2015, 2016 GSDCA National Elite Award
2015 UKC Obedience All Stars-Novice
2015 #5 Nationally in Novice B GSDCA
2016 #4 Nationally Front and Finish Open A
2016 #5 Nationally in Open A GSDCA
2019 #5 Rally Dog of the Year (GSDCA)
2019 #9 Rally Master (GSDCA)
2019 #7 Rally Excellent B (GSDCA)
UKC Super Dog Award (2017)

High Combined Overall Novice Containers Scentwork (AKC)
High Combined Novice Containers GSD Scentwork (AKC) x2
High Combined Novice Exteriors GSD Scentwork (AKC)
2019 Rally Dog of the Year (AKC GSDCMSP)


Expecting high quality, strong working dogs with wonderful temperaments.
Suitable for Search and Rescue, K9, sport/competition, Therapy dog/Service Dog, and active homes.

Expecting dark/black sables and all black.
There will be no long coats in this litter as Arya does not carry for coat.

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Some more Photos of Idoll..


Some photos of Ibon (Idoll's sire)

More photos of Zuza

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