K9 Laser

"Your boy is doing really well.  He has his own retrieve session each morning and actually runs out for the ball and sometimes back with it. Showing very nice search behavior when it bounces out of sight."
"He is getting a gorgeous real coat.  Everyone who meets him is captivated. He’s a gorgeous boy for sure."
"People continue to fall all over Valentine.  He is just drop-dead gorgeous and with his so very social personality, is a charmer.  Doing very well in nose work classes too.  Trainer loves his work ethic."

*from Cel with Valentine (Buzz/Ceyla-Always My Valentine vom Wenner Haus)

He now lives with Beat and Monica in Utah and now goes by the name, Laser. He is Beat's Search and Rescue dog and to date has been certified Cadaver 1, Evidence, Trailing 1, Water/Open and Water/Shore, Wilderness SAR (live and deceased).  "Laser is doing great and loving every minute of it. We couldn't have asked for a better dog." (he is now certified in more SAR areas.)

Schatz is being trained as a service dog in Alabama...

"We just love her so much. We couldn't be happier. She is so sweet!"
"She has some really cool personality traits and has a really good "off" switch."
"Best breeder of 2013 in GSD world. Hands down.
"It really actually brings tears to me. You were like an answered prayer."

Schatz is amazing! I took her for a walk, dogs barking, a cat in the way, she did great! and she ignored the fence fighter next door. A solid dog from an even more solid breeder. Seriously folks. You cannot replace the support of a damn good responsible and willing breeder. BIIIIIIG hearts to Melissa."

*from James and Kateri with Schatz (Buzz/Ceyla-Amethyst vom Wenner Haus)

We looked for two years for the right breeder and the right German Shepherd.  Melissa was one of the first breeders we interviewed and we were so impressed by her, her standards and her dogs.  Now that we have gone through the process and have gotten a puppy from Vom Wenner Haus, I am 100% confident that we chose the right breeder.  We could not be more happy with our little Dante!  He is so confident, intelligent and loving thanks to the great start he got.  We got numerous updates after the puppies were born as to how they were doing, what they were doing and places Melissa was taking them.  We were so impressed!  If you are looking for a breeder, I would highly recommend Vom Wenner Haus and Melissa McIntyre, we are so fortunate to have found her.

Dante has the best disposition of any dog I have ever owned.  He is such a sweet boy and he loves everyone he meets.  I am so proud of him, it is so nice to have a dog that I can take anywhere and not be concerned.  Everyone loves him too, I get so many compliments on how beautiful he is. 

*from Cheryl and Dean with Dante (Kantor/Linea-Dante vom Wenner Haus)

"We have lots of fun with Rex. I am so glad that we have you in our lives and that you are so happy to answer all of the questions we have.." 
"We love him so much. We just want everything best for him. Rex is great. He is very happy and I can not explain you enough how much he made our lives happier and much more fun.  The boys love him and love to take Rex with them wherever we go. Thank you so much for being part of our joyful family."

*from Zijad and Almira with Rex (Buzz/Ceyla-Aragon vom Wenner Haus)

"Thank you thank you thank you!  Rosa has made us laugh each day and is so happy to see all of us."
"Thank you for such a wonderful puppy! She is so beautiful and we are falling in love with our little girl! Rosa is so much fun!" "After the appointment I took her to the schools I work at to visit the staff and a few students still at the schools. Everyone had so much fun with her."
"Rosa is really enjoying puppy class! Her best friend in the class is a male Australian Shepherd. They play so well together, and everyone in the class just laughs at them."
"The sky is the limit with Ms Rosa! In puppy class, we worked on the tunnel, A-frame, and teeter. She was a little shy of all three, but once she gets it she wants to do it all of the time! She hates to wait her turn. When we do get to go, she runs at full tilt with no hesitation."
"We enjoy her so much. She is just so happy, and for the most part an easy puppy. We feel so blessed to have her."
"She is so happy and joyful all of the time! Her favorite activities are to steal all the toys and to watch the world out the picture window. People love her coloring and say she is the prettiest GSD they have seen!"
"What a great dog she is becoming! We love her so much! Thank you for all your advice and being her breeder. You are an outstanding breeder, Keep up the great work!"

*from Jim and Deb with Rosa (Buzz/Ceyla-Avalon vom Wenner Haus)

I have a Vom Wenner Haus dog from Melissa McIntyre through Cel Hope in Wyoming. She is a 1 1/2 year old dark sable. She is an amazing dog. I use her in K9 Search and Rescue in Southern Utah. My other SAR leader has one of her relatives as well for SAR named Laser (Buzz x Ceyla). They are very sound dogs.

Watching Laser work is an amazing privilege. My dog is on her way to being certified and they are bred to have high drive, but also an off switch so-to-speak. With proper stimulation she is a great family dog. She is very behaved with my cats and my 8 year old.

Her dogs are working line dogs. They care deeply about placing them in the right homes so if anyone is looking in the future, I'd call her and ask.

*from Cori with Delta (Boy/Linea-Believe! vom Wenner Haus

"Things are going pretty well. Abrams is having a great time with Molly and me. He listens to her when she's had enough of him and he leaves her alone when she wants to be left alone."
"He loves coming to work with me and playing with the other puppies in daycare when I'm bathing and grooming other dogs. Abrams is getting plenty of love and attention, and I will make sure to hug him for you."
"He is doing great.
He's been having fun and making friends everywhere he goes.  He's getting so big and nice and dark in color. Definitely the sweetest puppy ever."

*from Erin with Abrams (Buzz/Ceyla-Amadeus vom Wenner Haus)

"We are still thankful every day for him joining our family and he brings both Mark and I so much joy! So Thank You!"
"Hobbes continues to learn new things, follows commands very well, and even has a few "German" commands......."
"He also LOVES the snow! It has been so much fun watching him chase snow flakes, play with Mark outside in the snow, and anxiously want to go out!"

*from Mark and Hobbes (Buzz/Ceyla-Arrow vom Wenner Haus)

K9 Scout

"He is a great dog ... sweet tempered, calm, confident, loves people, is  doing great at Trailing training for Search and Rescue.
He is a great dog, all business when we're trailing but a wonderful family member when we're home---I have 7 grandchildren under the age of 6 and he is so good with them.  Our little local newspaper did a story on us and the unit we train with..... Northwoods  Press   Nevis, MN  ----  he did a 0.5 mile trail that  day ----the trail was very contaminated---he "found" the subject through all the distractions and jumped right into the hider's snow "crater" and gave his indication after a cue (we have just started working on his indication)---I am very proud of my dog and most of the time I feel like I'm basically the dope on the end of the rope! Have I mentioned I love this guy?"
"We passed certification for advanced trailing---we can now be deployed by law enforcement to trail missing persons. We also certified in October with the North America Police Working Dog Association in advanced trailing.  Scout and I had our very first search last week for 2 missing boys....he worked his tail off...we trailed for almost 3 miles...and after it turned dark the boys walked out to the county road (they were on the move and hiding from searchers as they thought they were going to be in big trouble)...."
"Scout is an awesome dog and is highly respected .......Sept. seminar of Kevin Kocher man trailing instructor for national bloodhound institute and October workshop of Jan Scofield master trainer for NAPWDA  both said I'd take
that dog anytime and I'd take you and Scout on a callout in a heartbeat. Just so ya' know Scout is awesome A very happy dog handler !"
Hi ...wanted to let you know how proud I am of Scout...he has such an awesome work ethic,  he just kept doing his nosework even with lots of distractions! I love my dog!"
"He just finished running a half mile trail to find this 6th grade student....he did a sweet job...another 6th grader was also hiding about 25 feet up the trail as a decoy ...he approached her gave a quick sniff & tail wag and proceed across to correct subject and sat in front of her( his indication he found the correct person)  I'm so proud of him!  Thanks again for such a good solid dog with and awesome work ethic and a sweet temperament!"

*from Deb with Scout (Logan/Mea-Vader von Holtgrew)

"Valley is a dream dog. Valley did a nice job yesterday doing some conformation. She's very easy to work with. She is doing very well at tracking"
"(Valley was in Germany for training and titling) Valley is very popular over there, as she loves training. Valley will work for anyone, as she enjoys the training. She's upbeat and takes correction well. I loved hearing that he felt Valley was a great brood bitch prospect, as there aren't many faults. He said it was no small thing for her to get an SG rating and not the other working dogs in the class. I get a kick, as the rest were all German bred working dogs and the American bred working dog gets the SG."
"Valley is such a great mom."

*from Jennifer with Valley (Logan/Mea Valley von Holtgrew)
Valley is Mother to our Linea

"He was potty trained in 5 days and can now sit, stay, and come on command. He is extremely smart and loves the water."
"I also wanted to say you did an outstanding job with Logan. He is very impressive. That is also our goal with Varen. Our trainer at puppy school said that he is the smartest dog that he has seen in a long time. Thanks again for the great dog. He is very beautiful isn't he. I am proud to say that the dogs where a credit to the breed."
"He has really turned out to be an amazing dog. He is very obedient, walks completely off leash, and basically spoiled rotten! Thank you......he is a wonderful dog!"

*from Adam and Anna with Varen (Logan/Mea-Varen von Holtgrew)

"Bella is 16 weeks and smarter than any shepherd I have had. She learns things in probably 1/2 the time other dogs learn which always puts her way ahead of the class. We go to socialization class on Mondays and she loves to play with any dog -- big or small. On Weds we go to obedience class and she will learn something in class that we are suppose to work on all week -- she really learns it in just a few repetitions so I always have to figure out what the next step is so she won't get bored. On Fridays we go to the German Shepherd Club -- the trainer loves her temperament -- she said she would love to have her as her own! She is really a very even temperament -- loves other dogs and people! Today we met some young girls who asked if they could pet her as they were petting her one of the girls step on Bella's foot by accident and Bella just moved it -- no snapping at the girl... Yeah Bella."
"Good job Logan – your kids have your great temperament."
"I took her to the local pet store to buy her food and we ran into Santa.  I didn’t know how she would react to such an odd looking person but she walked right up to him to be petted.  We also met up with a lady who had a walker and was having a hard time getting through the store.  As other dogs were scared of her, Bella again showed me her stuff by being just “normal” around the walker and noise.  Then the third thing happened in the store and I knew what a great dog she is – her foot was rolled over by a cart – she just pulled it out of the way and moved her body – in a deliberate but not hurried manner.  When she really needs to step up and be a “solid dog” she always does!  THANKS to both of you for the great dog she is – genetics play a big part of it!"
"She loves people and other dogs (sometimes too much – she is a party girl).  We started tracking classes and of course Bella is a great tracker – the instructor noticed things right away that she does already that other dogs don’t do until the next level.  I am still learning a lot about tracking but I am sure Bella will give me some slack until I catch up with her."
"Bella is mellowing out really nicely.  When my niece and nephew are over she loves to be with them but can also go and be on her mat until the action starts.  I just love my sweetie."
"She also said “hi” to a baby on our walk the other day and was so gentle.  Yet when she sees my brothers she is just a crazy hyper dog…  She met an 8 week old Chihuahua and was so gentle –  even laid down when I asked her so she wouldn’t scare it and yet can be crazy with the yellow lab two houses down from my parents.  What a great dog!"
"Bella just has so many great genes – I really love her so much and appreciate both Logan and Mea and what they created.  So far she is everything I dreamed of and more!"
Bella is great with people and a very steady dog around runners, bicycles and all other wheeled or fast objects with the exception of rabbits.  I just LOVE taking her for walks because she is so good.  We went “birding” this spring and she was great – when I stop to look at the bird in my binoculars, Bella will just hang out and smell.  She is really a joy!"

*from Sheila with Bella (Logan/Mea-Vienna)

"He loves the snow and is really built for it.  He has as much hair on his paws as he does around his head! Plus, I have to give him credit and say that he only whacked a couple of Christmas ornaments off of the Tree the entire time it was up, so for a mischievous puppy, he did really well. He is just so awesome!  He is a bundle of fun every day!"
"Bear completed his first Teen Canine class.  He did very well and was awarded for having the fastest "down".  He also always had the best "relaxed state", so the instructor used him as an example every time we had to go over that particular instruction. At the end of the training, the instructor set up a small obstacle course, which Bear really enjoyed.  He wasn't afraid of anything and absolutely loved the tunnel. He makes us laugh every day!"
"He's such a happy guy and is a lot of fun to be around."

*from Stephanie with Bear (Logan/Mea- Vonnegut von Holtgrew)

"she brings me great joy when I come home and she greets me. She's so happy! She's still a ball of fire!"

*from Phil with Jetta (Logan/Mea-Velocette von Holtgrew)


"I think it is her age besides her very sweet personality. Also anyone who sees her wants to love her up. She passed puppy kindergarten with flying colors. Her coat is very shinny and pretty as it comes in. I love my little long haired girl.  She is my sweetie."

*from Kathy with Nookus (Logan/Mea-Valentina von Holtgrew)

"He is growing fast and is a very fast learner. Jake loves it all and has been growing like a weed.  He is now potty broke, sits, downs, stays and the best part heels and knows the boundaries of the place so the road is not as much of a issue any more. Love that part. You can go down for the mail and he sits and waits for you to come back up the driveway."
"You should have seen him at dog class Monday, we are in advanced so most of the other 14 dogs are adults, we were in a lay stay and I was across the room from him when our instructor yelled out "Your Free" only 3 dogs stayed and Jack was one of them.  He is so much fun."
"His (Logan) puppies are sure nice to be with and around people."

*from Anna with Jake (Logan/Mea-Varsity von Holtgrew)

"Of course I have Ceyla, she really is an amazing dog.  She has a super temperament which really makes her a joy to take anywhere. She not only is my competition  dog she is also my service dog and helps me on so many levels..  She is very easy to work with and loves to work.. I am so blessed to have her and to continue Logan's lines..."

*from Melissa with Ceyla (Logan/Angel-Ceyla vom Gildaf)

"He does so well with them (children). He has a nice "off switch"; he can be crazy and energetic but has a great off switch."
"He is our bundle of joy- each day we all seem to grow more and more- Cash is doing very well- Getting smarter by the day, and pretty well behaved."
"Cash has been doing great, he hit 3 and has finally filled out to and adult GSD, although he is still very much a puppy. He has filled into his big brother role nicely, our daughter is 18 months old and loves him so :) Just wanted to say thanks for breeding such a great line. We love him like one of our kids. He is a great dog and there is only 1 way to raise a child in this world and its with a great dog :)"

*from Jen with Cash (Logan/Angel-Cash vom Gildaf)

So many more to add... coming soon... 

Melissa McIntyre - Mankato MN -  melissa -at-