Puppy Prices and Information

We take the role of breeding very seriously and only breed dogs that we feel have the best qualities of the GSD.

We recognize that everyone has something specific they are looking for; Our puppies will be well suited for competition/performance (Schutzhund, AKC style obedience, tracking, herding, agility, etc), Search and Rescue, Therapy and/or Service dogs, active family companions or working dogs (Police, Herding etc.).

We take months planning and researching each litter to make the best puppies we can. Take a moment to check out our references page to hear from the owners from previous litters.

When you get a puppy from me you'll also receive a lifetime of support! I'm always available for questions and advice.

*All puppies will be sold on limited registration. We will gladly switch the registration from limited to full once they are spayed/neutered or breeding requirements have been met. Switching the registration from limited to full is $100 to cover AKC fees and time.

*The puppies will be whelped and raised in my home where they will be exposed to the normal household activities and sounds of living with humans and other pets.

*We encourage the new puppy owners to come and visit us and our dogs for us to meet you and you to meet us. 

*Puppies come with microchipping ($40-$75 savings), vet exams, vaccinations, wormers, and dog toy.

*We will register them in your name with the AKC so you won't have to.

*All puppies will get LOTS of socialization and love !!! I have 3 nieces and nephew with the younger 2 being autistic who will be handling and playing with the puppies starting at just a few days old. When the puppies are older there will be neighbor kids, family and friends who will come and visit so they will be handled by lots of different people.

*When old enough they will visit nursing homes, schools, etc to be exposed to a wide variety of environments.

*Most every day when they are old enough a few of them will take turns going for car rides to get used to the motion, sounds and smells of the car.

*They will be vet checked at 1 day old and then again at about 7 weeks before going to their new homes.

*Puppies will be puppy tested at about 7 weeks of age.

*We guarantee Hips and Health and DM Clear puppies.

*We will ship puppies within the USA only.  Price varies but expect to pay around $500 to cover the cost of the kennel and shipping. I do however prefer that they are picked up in person if possible.

*We will always be available to give you a lifetime of support and guidance, and hopefully friendship too.

*We only have one litter a year with many months of planning,  so it is best to make your reservation early.

Our goal is to breed GSDs that will be working or competition dogs but that does not mean we don't sell to Active companion homes. But even the puppies that go to companion homes are still working lines GSDs. They are still going to be VERY active puppies and they will need a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Even the lower drive puppy of the litter is going to be VERY active.

The first year with your puppy is one of the best years you'll have with them but also the hardest. But if you work hard with your puppy that first year, you'll have many great years to follow...

If you feel a vom Wenner Haus puppy might be right for you; please download the "Puppy Questionnaire form" and email it back to me.  Once approved I will extend an offer to you to put a deposit down for one of the puppies.

We encourage you if possible to come and visit me and my dogs anytime. Once the puppies are born we usually wait until the puppies are about 4 weeks old before we allow outside visitors and this is just to keep the puppies healthy. But we will have LOTS of photos up on my Facebook page for your viewing.

This is Bear (green boy from our 2015 Linea x Boy breeding) at puppy camp with all the other puppies...

Six tired puppies cuddling in a kiddy pool. :)

Posted by The Paw Pet Resort on Thursday, May 14, 2015

Holding Fee and purchasing policy:

Holding Fee is $500 (which does go toward your puppy price). As is standard throughout the dog industry, deposits for securing a puppy are NON-REFUNDABLE. This is to insure that both the buyer as well as the breeder are protected on the sale of the puppy for which the deposit is being given. Deposit are NON-REFUNDABLE unless there is no puppy that matches your goals and family situation based on the opinion of the breeder or not enough of the sex you requested. Unfortunately we do not guarantee color as we feel it is best to first match both puppy and family based on personalities and goals but we will try to match color. Contact me for current price of puppies.
Upon receipt of deposit, you will be placed on a waiting list. Your place on the waiting list is determined by the date of the deposit. The breeder knows their puppies and will try to make the best possible match for each puppy and puppy buyer.

Check out our Planned Breeding Page for upcoming litters.

Melissa McIntyre - Mankato MN -  melissa -at- vomwennerhaus.com